Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sriya joins!

June 9, 2009

Shriya, another brandeis student, joined today

I wasn’t with her when she entered via car, but met with her later. Gangadah showed her a dvd of the school.

All the kids were so happy to see me again.

And having a translator there…well, it was helpful and also hindering.

I don’t know, with this mob of people strolling around, but most of all I think it is important for people from the other communities of Mumbai to experience this. And I am proud of them.

Today I just met with juhi and her sister, ria who will be joining us.
I am so excited to see how they react to this community. Apparently our driver told them that it is “dangerous” and that he was surprised that they were going there as well.

Dangerous. Is it really?

Someone was telling me that here in the schools people learn by books. So you aren’t taught to think outside of the box, or really to help the community.

For me it is culture shock, but I am seeing a change in myself. I am working on being neutral, to not being transparent as shocks come.

Like one of the girls yesterday who has never studied, neither has her husband and she doesn’t know their ages (common here), she was sewing sequins on a piece of cloth. She makes 1 rupee for every garment she completes.

And this is sewing lots of sequins…and there is 50 rupees for every dollar.

And I am hurt. And I am inspired. And I am glad I am here, and I never want to leave

And just hearing the laughter of the kids. And manjul’s confidence in me, and in general, has pushed me beyond apprehensions. I hear juhi’s concerns, and all and I have tried to not be concerned

It doesn’t matter that we have 2 weeks. And language GETs in the way.

I just want to continue smiling, and I am and I am loving it.

Can’t wait for tomorrow when juhi and ria join!

I don’t want to tell them anything about the community first, I want them to experience it first!

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