Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A reflection

Brown eyed girl.

Brown eyed boy.

I am sinking


falling into the depth of your eyes full of experiences that I will never fully understand that I will never fully experience that I will never get

I smile shining my big white strong crest brushed teeth after months of investment in braces

and a smile sweeps across your face.

No words. Just a smile.

A warmth glowing from my eyes
reaching you,
taking me in.

A laugh so pure it echoes

exiting your mouth.

And you follow me, almost to a point of skipping...

Excitement anticipating what will I do next?

Because I am a clown, here to entertain you. Here to make you smile, laugh,

Even if it is for one second.

Just one second to

forget your life routine. Your abuse.

your pressure. Thoughts. Everything.

To melt into a pool that is free of language, free of poverty

Full of hope. Full of expression!

And happiness! And glee! And filling the cups full of energy! And making a fucking fool of yourself

Because you want to.

The boy looks at me and asks “what are you doing?” as he catches me making squearmish- geeky facial expressions-

reaching you

“what are you doing?”

I am playing.

Do you want to play with me?

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