Friday, June 12, 2009

I hate cats and goats! :(

Day 4 – June 12th 2009

Today we first went to the founders house and met his wife… We had chai in Shakils house…talking to her made me realize that’s its really really not easy at all to just clear up all the mess or to solve all the problems… it will be an extremely long process that has no guarantee of working or safety. Politicians and their politics play a big role in the condition of the people. Even if you want to help and come with good intentions things might just turn into a fight.

I had an experience with this small boy who wished to see how dollars look. I gave him a quarter that juhi had and explained to him that it is similar to the 25 paise coin we had, but is worth 12.5 rupees in the US. The little boy was thrilled and showed all his friends. After explaining the worth of the coin the child said he would give the coin to someone he found going to the US. I told him that instead he should consider it his lucky coin. He should think about the coin he has with him when he studies. He should study really hard and do well enough to go to the US one day and then take the coin with him. I was really happy that he understood me. As when I saw him before we left he repeated the same thing say that he would definitely study hard and work towards going to the US… with his lucky quarter! I hope his dreams might come true and will be so so happy if this motivates him to study.

We met another girl who went to an English medium school. Her mother showed us her notebook and I was impressed by the amount she had learnt. It was obvious to see the that parents who were educated a little bit or earned more were obviously more concerned about their childrens’ well being and education.

As we continued going about doing the survey a whole crowd of children followed us and we were the centre of attention. Some of the mothers answered our survey more readily seeing all the children because it made them more comfortable that everyone was doing it. A weird thing that happened during the survey was that as I asked this lady questions a cat came and BIT me or SCRATCHED me or something and ran away. It was quite scary. Before I could get over that I saw this whole group of little dirty brown ducks pass by. It was very weird. And unexpected.

I’m also scared of goats. Very very scared.

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  1. It'll also help to see if mothers / women were more enthusiastic about educating their children and if the mothers themselves were educated. It is widely seen that mothers who are educated are more likely to have smaller families (ie lesser children) and are more likely to send their children to school - irrespective of whether they are girls or boys.